.                                                                                        Gifted and Talented Services
"Creating Thinkers for Today and Tomorrow"

Owatonna Public Schools recognizes the uniqueness of each student and attempts to meet individual educational needs on an ongoing basis. The Gifted Coordinator's role is to support classroom teachers in a variety of ways.  This includes providing teacher training, resources to challenge students, co-planning/co-teaching opportunities, and flexible small group opportunities to
                                              support classroom instruction.

Owatonna Public Schools utilizes a cluster model.  Clustering is a research supported grouping model which
involves placing gifted students in a mixed-ability classroom, where a classroom teacher who has received training, differentiates curriculum and instruction. 
 Some benefits of clustering include:

  • Providing the opportunity for gifted students to interact with intellectual peers on a full time basis
  • Assists classroom teachers to address the needs of a group of students
  • Presents a cost effective option within a comprehensive program to meet the needs of gifted learners

 The following articles provide more information about clustering:
         Clustering Gifted Learners – MEGT 2010
         Clustered for Success – Educational Leadership 2010

Each K-6 building has teachers identified at grades 4-6 as a cluster teacher.  Students going into grades 4-6 are placed in a cluster based on an identification procedure.  Click here for a detailed description on the identification process.


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