New Student Enrollment
Welcome to the Owatonna Public Schools!  We look forward to meeting with you to complete enrollment procedures and provide you with important information to help your child(ren) get off to a great start in the school district.
To enroll a new or returning student in the Owatonna Public Schools:
  1. Call 507-444-7900 to make an appointment.
  2. Complete and bring the enrollment forms (listed below) to the appointment.
  3. Attend the appointment at:
Roosevelt Community School
122 E. McKinley St
Owatonna, MN 55060
Enrollment Forms:  Print (click on the form name) and complete the forms and bring them to the appointment:
  1. Tennessen Form (one per family)    Spanish          Somali
  2. Enrollment & Family Census Form (one per family)    Spanish          Somali
  3. Release of Records Form (Summer Only)  (one for each enrolling student)    Spanish       Somali
  4. Release of School Records (School Year) (one for each enrolling student)       Spanish     Somali
  5. Health Summary Form (one for each enrolling student)      Spanish           Somali
  6. Minnesota Language Survey (one for each enrolling student)  Spanish    Somali
  7. Applications for Free or Reduced-Pay Meal Benefits:   
    English Application       English Instructions
    Spanish Application      Spanish Instructions
    Somali Application        Somali Instructions
Additional information needed for the enrollment process:
  1. Address and phone number of residency
  2. Immunization records for each child
  3. Student records from previous school (if available)
  4. Name, address, telephone and FAX number of the last school each child attended
  5. Birth certificate or official certificate of age (enrolling Kindergarten students only)
*If the enrolling kindergarten student has not had a pre-kindergarten screening, call 507-444-7900 to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
  1. Family income information or Food Stamp (SNAP) case number (if you feel you qualify for meal benefits)
Best wishes for a successful school year!