Chronic and Potentially Life-Threatening Conditions:
Owatonna Public Schools Health Services asks that any student with an identified chronic condition such as asthma, diabetes, seizures, heart conditions or severe allergies provide updated information to their child’s school health office at the beginning of each school year.  Parents are asked to complete management plans which identify steps to be taken if an emergency occurs.  When necessary, parents, the student and the school nurse will collaborate to individualize the plan to meet the student’s health needs.  Any restrictions or limitations will be shared with appropriate school personnel, keeping in mind confidentiality.  Please alert the school health office to any new condition or changes in existing conditions.

Asthma Action Plan 

Cardiac Care Plan 

Diabetic Care Plan 

Food Allergy Care Plan 

Insect Allergy Care Plan 

Seizure Disorder Epilepsy Health Care Plan