Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a vacancy?
Owatonna Public Schools uses an online application system for all district vacancies. Click on the Employment Opportunities link on the district’s webpage to start an application. If you have questions relating to a specific vacancy, please contact the Human Resources Office at 507-444-8612.

Can I complete an application even if there are no current vacancies?
Yes, applications can be started without a vacancy being posted. The position desired page of the application allows you to indicate an interest in future openings. If a position is posted in one of your areas of interest, you will be notified via email

How long are applications kept on file?
Applications are not deleted without notifying the applicant first. As long as you maintain/update your applicant file, it will remain active in our online system.

Can you tell me when there is an opening for a specific job?
If you indicate an interest in future openings on the ‘Position Desired’ page of the application, you will be notified via email when vacancies occur in those areas.

What do I need to do if I am interested in substituting?

If you are interested in substituting please complete the online employment application. If you have any questions regarding substituting, please contact the Human Resources Office at 507-444-8612.

Our District has several different opportunities for substituting:

Substitute Teachers:

All substitute teachers must have a current MN teaching license. A teacher with a standard license may substitute in any PreK-12 assignment. A limited short-call substitute teaching license may be requested by the district for an individual if there is a shortage of qualified substitute teachers. The individual must have a four year degree and participate in a short-call substitute training session in order to meet district qualifications. The limited license is issued by the MN Dept. of Education and is valid for two years.

Support Staff Substitutes:

Support Staff provide classroom assistance to teachers. No licensure is required to substitute in these positions, just the desire to work with children in an educational setting.

How do I submit materials to the local CEU committee for review?
The Owatonna Continuing Education Committee meetings are held four times a year. Hours can be submitted to the Committee with a Clock Hour Approval Form, CEU Certificate, or a Professional Development Transcript.

Clock Hour Approval Form:

A short one page form detailing the development objectives, description, and evaluation of the experience. The form is available in the License Renewal tab on the Human Resources webpage.

Clock Hour Certificate:

Certificate distributed upon completion of a pre-approved continuing education activity (typically district sponsored). Certificates need to be submitted to the Continuing Education Committee so the hours can be recorded but do not need to be accompanied by a Clock Hour Approval Form.

Professional Development Transcript:

Transcript of completed staff development activities created by and printed from Infinite Campus. You must use Infinite Campus to register for the course in order for it to appear on your Professional Development Transcript.

Send all continuing education materials that need to be reviewed by the Committee to Human Resources at the District Office at least 2 school days prior to the scheduled meeting date.

If you are not currently employed with Owatonna Public Schools, but would like to associate yourself with our local CEU committee, contact the Human Resources Office at 507-444-8612 for more information.