Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC)

Owatonna Public School's Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC) is seeking members.  The purpose of SEAC is to advocate for high quality educational programs for all learners and assure that the School Board, District Administration, and community members are informed of special education successes, issues, and concerns.  We do this by increasing the involvement of and adding the informed perspective of parents, special education staff, general education staff, and district administrators.

The Special Education Advisory Council is mandated by the state of Minnesota to ensure that parents have the opportunity to be involved.  Our membership includes parents of children with disabilities (including non-public schools within the District), teachers, school staff, and administrators.  This year it is our intention to clarify the purpose and role of our SEAC and develop a goal oriented process that will help ensure effective use of our time together.

Please consider becoming a member of our District Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC).  We will become more effective in the delivery of special education services when parents share their unique experiences and perspectives.

Parents benefit from an effective SEAC in the following ways:

1.  Gaining knowledge about District programs and services may benefit their own or another family's child.
2.  Contributing to others may give added value and meaning to their own personal experience.
3.  Witnessing positive change as a result of their input and influence is rewarding and motivating.
4.  Learning new skills that may transfer to other areas of advocacy and leadership.
5.  Gaining a big-picture perspective.
6.  Finding opportunities to network and build relationships with other families with similar life experiences.
7.  Developing positive and helpful relationships with school staff.

Your voice is important to Owatonna Public Schools and the children who receive special services!  For more information on your opportunity to participate and be heard, please contact Sandy Standke, Special Services Secretary at 507-444-8614.  Working together will create better opportunities and outcomes for our kids!

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