ISD 761
Professional Learning Opportunities
Kenneth Griswold
Mandatory Licensure Renewal Opportunities:
  • 3rd Thursday of November
  • 2nd Wednesday of March
(district staff - find more details on SharePoint)

District-Wide Professional Learning
  • Tech Camps
  • Workshop Week
  • MLK Day (January)
  • Owatonna Summer Institute (June, August)

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Please visit with your site representative if you have questions, concerns, or requests for site-based or district-wide professional learning. 

District-wide Staff Development Committee Representatives:
Lincoln Elementary: Amy Roberts
McKinley Elementary: Jen Kozoliek
Washington Elementary: Katherine Thompson
Wilson Elementary: Julie Buryska
Willow Creek: Laurie Schwartz
OJHS: Sue Harty
OHS: Denise Lage
ALC: Ray Ostfeld
EC/SPED: Heather Gagner
Administrators: Beth Svenby, Julie Sullivan, Mark Randall
Teaching & Learning Team: Wendy Eggermont, Joanne Harmsen, Libby Zeman, Katie Coudron, Jane Sorensen, Kenneth Griswold

For further inquiry, please contact Wendy Eggermont or Taylor Petrich. 
 Professional Development Request 

Staff Development Request Process
  1. Fill out electronic Staff Development Pre-Approval Form & link registration
  2. Form is submitted automatically to building principal and Teaching and Learning Director
  3. Professional Development Calendar is checked to make sure date is available (No more than 5 staff can be out for professional development per day)
  4. Staff Development Budget is checked to see if there are available fund.
  5. Request is reviewed by building principal and Teaching and Learning Director.
  6. Teacher is notified of decision by Teaching and Learning Director.
  7. For approved applications, teacher will go into AESOP immediately to request a substitute for the conference day(s).
  8. Teaching and Learning secretary will register teacher for conference.
  9. Following the workshop, the teacher will submit the Travel Reimbursement form within 3 days to Department of Teaching and Learning Secretary
  10. The teacher will share their learning with their intended audience.

Professional Development Request Form

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