Owatonna Public Schools Strategic Roadmap                                           

During the spring and summer of 2014, the Owatonna Public Schools Board of Education worked collaboratively with staff and administrators to develop a Strategic Roadmap for the district. 

The Strategic Roadmap aligns and gives direction for all work across the district.  It helps answer questions like:
  •  What do the Owatonna Public Schools need to provide to ensure classrooms focus on all students learning at high levels without excuse?
  • What are the career readiness benchmarks that students must meet to provide a pathway to graduate with options and choices for their future?
  • What life skills do all students need to have to be successful upon graduation from Owatonna High School and beyond?
The District Strategic Roadmap below shows how we will deliver on our mission through a clear focus on student learning and development.

MISSION - what our schools ensure                                                                               
Learning Excellence,
Life Readiness, and
High Expectations for All
A Family, Staff, and Community Commitment

DISTRICT CORE VALUES – what drives our behaviors and interactions                                                       
Integrity:             I will do the right thing in the right way at the right time
Respect:              I will listen to and value others for their diverse strengths, cultures, and 
                             viewpoints, treating others as I would like to be treated
Collaboration:    I will work together with others to achieve shared goals
Persistence:       I will embrace challenge and change to see things through to completion
Equity:                I will do my part to meet the needs of every student and help to address barriers to 
                             student engagement, learning, and development


VISION 2020 – how we want all to see our district                                                                                         
Owatonna Public Schools will be -
A place of academic learning and life skill development with:
  • Highly engaged students, parents and staff.
  • Students, parents, and staff knowing the strengths, progress and needs in the student’s journey of learning.
  • Students owning their learning and ready for their next step.
A culture of partnership and shared purpose where:
  • Parents, staff and the community collectively guarantee student learning, engagement and development.
  • All employees know their role, add value, and work together to continuously improve.
A recognized community asset with:
  • Well-designed programs and facilities that function efficiently and effectively.
  • Students and staff helping Owatonna to be a desirable place to work and live.

KEY STRATEGIES - how we focus our time and resources                                                        
  1. Development of Life Skills and Career Readiness in ALL Students
  2. Consistent Application of a Viable Curriculum and Common Assessments
  3. Consistent Application of the Professional Learning Community Process Focused on Ensuring Student Learning
  4. Aligning Our Programs and Facilities with Our Vision 2020