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Bond Referendum 2015 Results
Ward & Precinct Yes  No Total Votes Percent Yes
W1 - P1 430 303 733 58.7%
W1 - P2 685 328 1013 67.6%
W2 - P1 281 280 561 50.1%
W2 - P2 853 321 1174 72.7%
W3 - P1 184 164 348 52.9%
W3 - P2 254 220 474 53.6%
W4 - P1 499 318 817 61.1%
W4 - P2 481 392 873 55.1%
W5 - P1 467 258 725 64.4%
W5 - P2 396 271 667 59.4%
Four Seasons 422 842 1264 33.4%
Totals 4952 3697 8649 57.3%

Referendum Informational Video
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After a year of study, a comprehensive analysis by a 36-member Community Task Force on Facilities, a professional community survey and other community input, the Owatonna School Board unanimously decided to ask Owatonna voters to fund these facilities improvements through approval of a $77.9 million bond:
  •  Address critical deferred maintenance needs at all elementary and junior high schools
  • Upgrade school safety and security systems district-wide
  • Reduce elementary crowding by building additions on four schools, converting Willow Creek Intermediate to an elementary school and changing to a K-5, 6-8, 9-12 grade configuration by moving 6th graders to the Junior High School
 Fast Facts
  • The last major facilities improvements were done nearly 20 years ago.
  • Most of our buildings were designed more than 50 years ago; school security needs have changed dramatically since then.
  • Our elementary schools are full; some learning groups are held in closets and hallways.
  • The addition of all-day kindergarten reduced available elementary school space.
  • The recommended change in grade configuration to K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 aligns with state standards and eliminates one building change for students.
  • After much deliberation, the School Board chose not to include a new high school, athletic complex or land purchase in this referendum request.  The only work being done to the high school would be safety and security improvements.
If voters approve the school district’s bond request on November 3, the average homeowner ($150,000 value home) would see a monthly tax increase of approximately $15.

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Click on a school name to see what a successful referendum would mean for that site:  Lincoln, McKinley, Washington, Wilson, Willow Creek, Junior High School, Senior High School, Roosevelt.


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