Frequently Asked Questions

When will a decision be made on new elementary school boundaries due to Willow Creek being converted to an elementary school?
Converting Willow Creek from a 6th grade center to a grade K-5 elementary school beginning in fall 2017 and closing Washington Elementary means elementary boundary discussions need to occur. During spring and summer 2016, the school board developed criteria to assist with those decisions. Those criteria were affirmed by staff and parents through a survey.  In addition, elementary principals stressed the importance of maintaining school communities. Over the summer, district staff developed more than 200 scenarios to adjust elementary boundaries to meet the board’s criteria. At the board’s October 10 work session, two options were presented and discussed. The Board plans to make a final decision at its October 24 board meeting. Any boundary adjustments will take effect in September 2017.

When will construction begin?  What is the district's implementation plan?

The District anticipates construction to happen over approximately 3 years. Some smaller projects will begin the summer of 2016. This includes security upgrades at many sites and possibly repairing pavement and site infrastructure at various sites. There will also be design committees formed for the two largest projects, the Willow Creek and Junior High additions. Bidding of these will not start until sometime in the 2016-2017 school year with construction following that. The balance of the projects, including deferred maintenance at all buildings, are scheduled for construction primarily over the summers of 2017 and 2018.  Click here to view the construction schedule.

When will work be completed?
Construction projects will be phased in over three years, with school and community stakeholders involved engaged in planning major projects.  The first phase will include safety and security improvements. The second phase will include additions at Lincoln Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Willow Creek Intermediate and the Jr. High School, as well as deferred maintenance and any final security upgrades. Grade reconfiguration to K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 will occur during the second phase and be implemented either fall 2017 or fall 2018, depending on planning and construction schedules.

What are the specific plans for each building?
Click on the school name to see a project summary for that site: Lincoln, McKinley, Washington, Wilson, Willow Creek, Junior High School, Senior High School, Roosevelt.

How will safety and security be improved?
All schools will receive security upgrades.  Access to the buildings will be better controlled through the creation of secure vestibules or security offices at all schools, requiring visitors to check in before entering the school.  Other safety improvements include addition/expansion of security camera and card access systems, classroom lockdown security, and new Public Address (PA) systems for communication.

How much space is being added at the four buildings receiving an addition?
  • Lincoln Elementary: 11,500 square feet (SF)
  • McKinley Elementary: 11,500 square feet (SF)
  • Willow Creek Intermediate (convert from grade 6 to K-5): 32,000 square feet (SF), final building capacity of 600 students
  • Jr. High School (convert from grades 7-8 to 6-8): 67,500 square feet (SF), final building capacity of 1,200 students

Exactly what deferred maintenance will be completed, and on which buildings?
High priority deferred maintenance needs will be addressed at all elementary schools and the Junior High. These needs were identified in the Facility Analysis and by District Facilities and Maintenance staff. For a summary, click here.  Visual examples of deferred maintenance needs can be found here.

What will happen to Washington Elementary School students?
  • Washington Elementary will no longer serve as an elementary school but would house other district programs, such as the Alternative Learning Center (ALC) and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE). 
  • Willow Creek will receive an addition and be converted from a 6th grade center to a grade K-5 elementary school. 
  • The Junior High School will receive an addition and be converted from grades 7-8 to a grades 6-8 middle school. 
  • The school district will involve staff and families in determining how to align the elementary population through boundary changes.
  • Grade reconfiguration to K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 will be implemented either fall 2017 or fall 2018, depending on planning and construction schedules.