Student School Board Representative

In December, 2017, the School Board authorized adding student school board representation.  The student will serve as a non-voting member who will attend and participate at all open meetings of the school board, including work sessions during the school year.  Owatonna High School and ALC students that are currently in the 10th grade may apply for the position.  Representatives of the school board and administration will review the applications, conduct interviews, and select the student representative in mid-April.  The student that is selected will begin serving in their capacity as a student school board representative at the May school board meeting.

In the next year, the application, interview and selection process will begin again to select a new 10th grade student, the goal being that both students will serve two full years as a student school board representative.  To this end, there may be two students that are serving in this capacity at the same time in order to achieve continuity of student representation.

Click here for the Student School Board Member application.  Completed applications should be emailed to
Application deadline:  April 13, 2018