Owatonna PuPeachjar logo iconblic Schools is excited to announce that the district will now be using Peachjar, a digital flyer management system. Peachjar provides an innovative flyer management system that sends school-approved eflyers directly to parents’ inboxes and posts them on schools websites, making it easier than ever for parents to learn more about events, activities and programs offered to students.

Parents/guardians are notified via email when flyers are posted and can access the flyers through the email link or via each school's Peachjar page, listed below. School Peachjar pages are also accessible via the Peachjar button on each school’s homepage.

You can find your school flyers by clicking on the links below:

Lincoln Elementary 
McKinley Elementary
Washington Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Owatonna Middle School
Owatonna Senior High School
Owatonna Alternative Learning Center

Community Partners
We invite community partners to register with Peachjar as the first step in uploading their flyers to be distributed to our schools. After your flyer has been submitted, it will be routed automatically to the Communications and Public Outreach Specialist for approval. All flyers will be posted within 48 hours and parents will be notified by email via Peachjar.com

School-Related Groups
Please contact Shay Baumbach, Communications and Public Outreach Specialist at sbaumbach@isd761.org or 507.444.8638 for more information.

Distribution Guidelines

1.  The opportunities for distribution of materials are only available to:
     a. Local, non-profit organizations with an official 501(c)3 or similar non-profit status that are offering activities, events, classes or resources
          within the district boundaries, which contribute to the positive academic, social or physical development of students;
     b.  For-profit organizations only when the district determines that the materials meet the criteria applicable to non-profit organizations 1(a), and
          the event or activity is not a method to create a captive audience for proprietary interests.

2.  All materials must be submitted electronically for approval through the Peachjar system. No paper flyers will be distributed to students or
     schools, with the exception of school or district-generated materials.

3. All flyers are subject to approval by the district, and must adhere to: 
    Policy/Regulation 904 Distribution of Materials on School District Property  by Non-school Persons.
    The district reserves the right to deny permission for the posting of materials that do not meet the criteria outlined in #1,directly compete with 
    district program or services, and/or are not suitable for the school environment due to content that is vulgar, obscene, discriminatory or
    harassing; constitutes hate speech; is contrary to the health/safety of students; promotes illegal activity; violates district policies, rules or
    regulations; promotes or is hostile to any religion (however, materials from a religious organization will not be denied if the materials comply
    with all other criteria in these guidelines and do not proselytize or promote a religion); or will create a material and substantial disruption.

4.  Materials will be distributed to parents within 48 hours of submission.

Upload Flyer Request
To request materials be considered for approval, follow the steps below. You will be notified of the status of your request. Once approved, your materials will be emailed to parents and posted online. Paper flyers will not be distributed. 

To upload your flyer follow these instructions:
1.  Visit www.peachjar.com
2.  Click on the Program Provider tab, which will guide you through the registration process.
3.  Upload your information for consideration.
4.  Follow these helpful tips and tools to ensure your flyer is effective: Guide To Successful e-Flyers) (pdf, 4 MB)

All materials uploaded to Peachjar will be automatically submitted to the Communications Office. The Communications and Public Outreach Specialist will review the material and approve or deny based on the criteria above.

NOTE: If your organization offers free services to our students and families, you’ll be able to post your district-approved flyers for free. When setting up your account, you'll need to call Peachjar at 858.997.2117x130 to create a free account. If you charge families for your activities, Peachjar will charge you a fee for the distribution service.



Contact: Shay