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District Nutrition Services Update

As of December 1, 2017, the Owatonna Public School District Nutrition Services will no longer be offering menu items that contain peanuts, peanut-based products, tree nuts, or tree nut-based products at the elementary and middle school levels during the school day. This change will not impact our students at Owatonna High School. This change is in response to providing a safer school environment to a growing number of students who are highly allergic to these items. This change does not guarantee that these nut-based products may not be present in our schools, so students with allergies should continue to be mindful.

We will continue to offer "Nut Safe" tables at all school levels to accommodate our students who choose them. In addition, we have previously made it a practice in our school district to alert parents and students when an elementary classroom needs to be identified as a "Nut Safe" environment, and will continue to do so.

Families that have children with nut allergies should continue to work with the school nurses in their respective buildings to ensure a safety plan is in place.

Thank you for understanding our need to provide healthy environments for all students. Please contact your building administrator or the district office with any questions.