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Owatonna Education Center:  Home to Special Services
Did you know that the Owatonna Education Center (OEC) located at 338 East Main Street (formerly known as Washington Elementary) not only houses the Alternative Learning Center on the main level, but also many district staff? 

The offices located on the second and third floor of the OEC house amazing special services staff who work tirelessly every day so that Owatonna Public Schools can continue to provide the best special services possible for our students. Increased collaborative resources shared with classrooms, teachers, support staff, and administrative processes leads to improved services for students receiving special services. "It is my belief that by having dynamic and diverse staff with offices located at the OEC, we have positively impacted not only the education of, but interactions with, the students and families we serve," stated Wendy Cirksena, Director of Special Services. It is the goal of the Special Services Department and OEC Staff to continue this momentum for the remainder of the year and further build on what has been cultivated into the 2018-19 school year and beyond.