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Resources for Families
To support families affected by the federal government shutdown or other economic hardships, Owatonna Public Schools has identified possible services and resources to assist families during these challenging circumstances.  These include:
Owatonna Public Schools Free and Reduced Lunch Program
Steele County Food Shelf
Community Meals
Steele County Clothesline
Energy Assistance Program
United Way of Steele County
Car Repair Funds
FamilyWize Prescription Discount
School Backpack Programs/Weekend Pantry Programs
School Supplies
Let's Smile Dental Programs

For more information about these programs, including contact information, click here.
Below are some additional tips to consider until the government shutdown has ended:
  • Reach out to suppliers and service providers regarding payment plan options or deferred payment plans. When making these arrangements be sure to get the name of the customer service representative, a phone number, date and time of call and terms of the agreement, preferably in writing.
  • Speak with a loan officer at your bank of choice regarding low-interest or emergency loans.
  • Apply for unemployment insurance. Most furloughed federal employees are eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits. Check to find out if you have to pay the benefits back if you get retroactive pay once the shutdown is over.
  • Many prescriptions can be found in a cheaper, generic form. Contact your doctor to see if this is a medication option for you. Walmart, Target, Walgreens all carry generic medications that start at $4 and up depending on the medication.
  • There are manufacturers of name brand medications who offer online coupons that you can use in conjunction with your current health insurance to lower the co-pay price of higher cost medications. Please consult with your drug manufacturer’s website for coupon information.
Contact the school social worker in your child’s building for more information or assistance.