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Snow Days: 2018-2019 School Calendar Updated

The number of tornado, snow or cold days that the Owatonna School District has had this year has been much more than in a typical school year...nine days to be exact! Due to this, the Owatonna School Board approved a revised 2018-2019 academic calendar on Monday, February 25. Added days include:

March 22
This date was already a regular day of school for grades K-5, but was not a school day for grades 6-12 due to the end of the quarter. March 22 will now be a regular day of school for all grades, K-12.

June 6
The last day of school was scheduled to be June 5. At Monday's meeting, the Board added a day in June, making June 6 a regular school day for grades K-12. The last day of school will now be June 6.

Should we have additional snow days this academic school year, more school days could be added to the calendar.

Click here to view the updated 2018-2019 school calendar.