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School Board Accepts Donations for New High School

The Owatonna Public School Board met on Friday, December 20 at 7:00 AM for a special meeting to accept donations from Federated Thank You LogoInsurance for the new high school. Mr. Jeff Fetters presented the Board with $20 million to use towards the construction of the new high school as well as funds to purchase land for the new high school site.

"Once again, Owatonna has set itself apart from other communities because of a strong belief that education is a cornerstone of a vibrant and successful community. I cannot thank Federated Insurance and the Rypka family enough for their ongoing commitment in the education of our children and the legacy that will be left for generations upon generations of proud Owatonna graduates moving forward. Today and every day, I am Owatonna Proud,” stated Jeff Elstad.

Federated Insurance CEO Jeff Fetters stated, “This is obviously a great day for the school board and for Owatonna High School, but I think about all of the kids waking up this morning and the facility they are going to have...We are excited for our kids, we are excited for our community.”

The Rypka family was also in attendance at the meeting and thanked for their donation and continued partnership. “The farm has been in the family for almost 120 years and I think this is a great continuation of this legacy,” stated Dixon Rypka. “We know this is the right thing for the city, and we’re very proud to be part of it,” continued Dann Rypka.

Federated and Rypka Family Photo