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New High School Updates

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in being involved in the core planning group for the new high school. We had Thank You Owatonna Imageover 100 applicants for the Core Planning Team and those on the team include high school staff, students and community members.

Meeting #1
December 4, 2019
Lots of excitement filled the room to kickoff the Core Planning Group. Members acknowledged the diverse makeup of the group and how it created multiple perspectives about the possibilities for the new Owatonna High School.
Discussion and activities included:

  • Brainstormed on what's important to all stakeholders
  • Started to study educational design examples and precedents

Meeting #2
December 18, 2019
The Core Planning Group spent the entire day traveling to various high schools and toured the facilities.

Meeting #3

January 15, 2020
Discussion and activities included:

  • What components the group liked and disliked from the December high school tours.
  • Started to think about how the square footage will be used, within the set square footage (the group understands they need to allocate the space wisely).
  • Big decisions need to be made in the next few months with the current and future school in mind.
  • Exciting innovation in the last decade around education and what is the direction of the future?


Meeting #4

January 29, 2020
Discussion and activities included:

  • Reviewed project commitments and design criteria
  • Conversations about concepts, not a design yet.
  • Discussed relationships and organization of spaces.